5 Reasons Why You Should Learn French

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of languages out there to learn. What should tempt someone to take up French as a language let alone their first foreign language?

We thought about this idea for a while and have come up with five good reasons why you (or anyone really) should take up French as a foreign language. Leave a comment below and let us know why you think learning French is a great language to learn.

1. It’s popular – Have you ever heard someone speaking to someone else about wanting to learn a foreign language and the other person asks “when would you ever use that?”.

Well it’s not a bad point. Of course we believe that aspiring language learners should be able to learn whatever language they want for any reason they want, but if you are looking for some extra inspiration French’s popularity should give you what you are looking for.

People all over the globe take up learning French each and every day making finding a community of people to learn and practice with easy. There are also endless of resources of books, websites and other products to choose from no matter where you are or what your level is.

2. It’s used all over the world – French is a language spoken in various parts of the world. You can visit Europe and travel to France, Belgium and Switzerland to practice your French.

Head on over to North America and visit the French-speaking province of Quebec or the bilingual province of New Brunswick. Or even visit numerous French-speaking countries in Africa and all speak the same language.

French, like few other languages, opens up a door to so many different cultures from so many different countries. If you were looking for a language that gives you the ability to travel to multiple diverse regions of the globe, French is the perfect selection.

3. It’s not too hard – Yes, learning any foreign language especially when you haven’t had any experience learning languages is difficult, no matter the language.

However we consider French to be on a level that makes it definitely a challenge, but not so much that the majority of learners will get discouraged to the point that they abandon the language altogether.

Language difficulty of course is entirely subjective, but for native-English speakers we feel personally that French is a good fit.

4. The French are all too happy to practice – Have you ever thought about the difficulty of a language in terms of how likely the native speakers of said language were to speak to you in their tongue?

Well fortunately for those learning or looking to learn French this isn’t an issue in the slightest. Languages like German, Swedish and Dutch are in some ways much harder to learn than French because you have to handle a population that is very much interested in speaking English with you.

Because of this it is sometimes difficult to get some practice in. The French however are more than happy to speak French and nothing but French with you making it a great language to start with.

5. It makes learning other romance languages easier – This may be just my opinion and some people may fight me on it, but I personally believe that French is one of the best (if not the best) language to set you up for learning another romance language. 

It’s a good balance between romance languages like Italian and Spanish (which of course sets you up for a head start on Portuguese) and contains both useful vocabulary and grammar points to help you with both.

We all know that there are countless reasons why one should learn French.

Which reasons did I miss? Comment below and let me know your favorite reasons to learn French.