8 More French-Only Websites to Improve Your French

There are so many great French websites out there that any learner can use to help improve their French.  So much so that we even wrote an article about some of them.

This time however we’d like to add even more websites that we’ve come across. Here are 8 more French-only websites that you can use for your French studies..

Savoirs.rfi.fr – If you’re familiar with French news sources then you’ve likely heard of RFI. However, what some people might not know is that they have an entire section of their website dedicated to providing daily podcasts and transcriptions in easy French.

Each day you can go on to the site and listen to a podcast of news from that day. It’s a great way to keep up with current events in France and around the world and also to better your French skills. All of their podcasts are archived so once you catch up on the news of the day you still have plenty of content to practice with.

Francaisfacile.com – This site is actually made for those learning French. Français Facile probably has more explanations on various French element than any other website out there. Best of all, the website is entirely in French. Everything from the most basic French concepts to ones you probably haven’t even heard of yet are explained here.

Believe it or not there’s even a large amount of native-French speakers who use the site to help fill in the gaps of what they don’t know. If you find the fact that everything is in French to be too daunting then you can use the site tolearnfrench.com which is the English version of the site.

Webinette.fr – Have you ever wondered what Internet users search the most on Google? Well this site has made a game of it. The way it works is the website gives you the start of a  sentence (a search in Google) and you have to guess the end of it.

When playing around on the site I saw sentences such as “I am allergic to…” or “I regret my…” and the last part of the sentence had to be completed. Not only can you use the site for some real-life vocabulary, but it is also quite fun. Sometimes the results are the last thing you would expect.

Secouchermoinsbete.fr – This website allows users to submit their own fun facts for others to read. When others read them they are then able to mark them one of two ways. The first way is “Je me coucherai moins bête” and the second way is “Je le savais déjà”.

Ideally you would like to submit facts that most people are unaware of so that most people click on the button “Je me coucherai moins bête”. If a lot of people do this then it moves up the page for others to see. Even if you have no interest in submitting your own fun facts it is still very enjoyable to read through the thousands and thousands a facts that have already been submitted. You can easily spend a lot of time on the site without even realizing it.

Spi0n.com – This is a French infotainment website that really specializes in viral-type videos. If you’re looking for humor on current events you probably won’t find too much of it here.

Most everything you’ll find here is strictly to get a good laugh or for enjoyment. Overall a great site to visit when you’re bored and of course are looking to brush up on your French.

Fr.freerice.com – This site is like nothing else that’s been talked about on Frenchplanations.. This website is owned by the United Nations World Food Program. They have it set up to where users answer various questions that generate money to buy grains of rice that can help feed hungry people around the world.

Fortunately for us there’s an entire section on French vocabulary. Even if this type of website isn’t really your thing you should still check it out as it does have a lot of great vocabulary that you can learn.

Leptidigital.fr – For those who are into digital marketing this next website will be a real treat. Le ptidigital.fr is a website that specializes in social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and more.

The site is quite large so there’s definitely a lot of things related to these topics that you can learn. If you aren’t interested in digital marketing you can still benefit from this website as there are a lot of technology-related terms found here.

However, if you really really aren’t interested in anything regarding online marketing then feel free to skip this one entirely.

Legorafi.fr – If you follow current events and politics and are also looking for something humorous, then this next website is perfect for you. Legorafi.fr is a satirical news sites that writes about sports, current events, politics, and much more.

Similar to “The Onion”, all of the stories here are fake. However, the writers have a great sense of humor and are really able to poke fun at the topics they write about. Great for people who a regularly invested in the news, but would also like something lighter that they can enjoy.

Some of the best ways to improve your French is by using resources meant only for French speakers. This way you get a feel for how French is really spoken and not just what is considered “grammatically correct”.

Do you know of any other French websites that you have used to help your French? Comment below and tell us about them.