Body Parts in French – An Exhaustive List

Body Parts in French

It’s great to learn about all the different body parts in French because it’s something that not only everyone can relate to, but also something that tends to come up in conversation quite a bit. We’ve compiled a list here of not only the standard body parts that everybody regularly talks about, but also some that you maybe don’t get the chance to discuss very often. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to learn as much as you can and expand your vocabulary. 

It should be noted that in the list below the article (le / la) has been placed before each of the words in French. This is simply to help you learn the gender of the word and doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to use the article if using one of these words in a sentence. There are certainly instances where un, une, des, etc.. would be more appropriate.

Here is our list of as many body parts in French as possible.

Body Parts in EnglishBody Parts in French
AbdomenL'abdomen (m)
Adam's AppleLa pomme d'Adam
AnkleLa cheville
AnusL'anus (m)
AppendixL'appendice (m)
ArmLe bras
ArmpitL'aisselle (f)
ArteryL'artère (f)
BackLe dos
BeardLa barbe
Belly ButtonLe nombril
Big ToeLe gros orteil, Le gros doigt de pied
BladderLa vessie
BloodLe sang
BodyLe corps
BoneL'os (m)
BrainLe cerveau
BreastLe sein
Buttocks, BacksideLes fesses (f)
CalfLe mollet
CervixLe col de l'utérus
CheekLa joue
ChestLa poitrine
ChinLe menton
CoccyxLe coccyx
CollarboneLa clavicule
ColonLe côlon
EarlobeLe lobe de l'oreille
ElbowLa coude
EsophagusL'œsophage (m)
EyeL'œil, (m) Les yeux (plural)
EyebrowLe sourcil
EyelashLe cil
EyelidLa paupière
FaceLe visage, La figure
FingerLe doigt
FingernailL'ongle (m)
FistLe poing
FootLe pied
ForearmL'avant-bras (m)
GallbladderLa vésicule biliaire
GlandLa glande
GroinL'aine (f)
GumsLes gencives (f)
Hair (not on head)Le poil (sing.), Les poils (general)
Hair (on head)Les cheveux (m), La chevelure
HamstringL'ischio-jambier (m)
HandLa main
HeadLa tête
HeartLe cœur
HeelLe talon
HipLa hanche
Index FingerL'index (m)
IntestinesL'intestins (m)
JawLa mâchoire
KidneyLe rein
KneeLe genou
KnuckleL'articulation (f), L'articulation du doigt (f)
Large IntestineLe gros intestin
LegLa jambe
LipLa lèvre
LiverLe foie
LungLe poumon
MouthLa bouche
MuscleLe muscle
MustacheLa moustache
Nape, Back of neckLa nuque
NeckLe cou
NerveLe nerf
NippleLe téton, Le mamelon, Le bout de sein
NoseLe nez
NostrilLa narine
OvaryL'ovaire (m)
PalmLa paume
PancreasLe pancréas
PelvisLe bassin
PenisLe pénis
Pinky fingerLe petit doigt
PoreLe pore
RectumLe rectum
RibLa côte
RibcageLa cage thoracique
ScrotumLe scrotum
ShinLe tibia
ShoulderL'épaule (f)
Shoulder BladeL'omoplate (f)
SkinLa peau
Small IntestineL'intestin grêle (m)
SpineLa colonne vertébrale
SternumLe sternum
StomachL'éstomac (m), Le ventre (belly)
TempleLa tempe
TendonLe tendon
TesticleLe testicule
ThighLa cuisse
ThroatLa gorge
ThumbLe pouce
ToeLe doigt
TongueLa langue
TonsilL'amygdale (f)
ToothLa dent
TorsoLe torse, Le buste
UrethraL'urètre (m)
VaginaLe vagin
Vocal CordsLes cordes vocales (f)
VulvaLa vulve
WaistLa taille
WindpipeLa trachée
WombL'utérus (m)
WristLe poignet