French Days of the Week, Months, and Seasons

If you are a total beginner to learning French then one of the first things you are going to want to learn are the French days of the week, the months of year as well as the four seasons. After you’ve learned everything in this article you should have no problem with any of these subjects. Let’s get right into it…


The Days of the Week in French

The days of the week in French are pretty easily to remember if you just take the time to review the chart below. Fortunately, there are only seven!

The Days of the Week in French

When talking about the days of the week in French there are a few things to note beforehand. First, don’t forget the first day of the week in French is Monday as opposed to Sunday like it is in English. Second, days of the week aren’t capitalized like they are in English. They of course are capitalized if they start a sentence just like any other word.

Some of the most common ways to ask someone what day of the week it is are as follows…


  • Quel jour sommes-nous aujourd’hui ? (Literally: Which day are we today?)
  • Quel jour est-on aujourd’hui ?
  • On est quel jour aujourd’hui ? (Literally: We are which day today?)


If you use any of the above sentences to ask which day it is you should be totally fine..

The Months of the Year in French

What’s great about the months of the year is that although there are more than them than there are days of the week, a lot of them look similar to their counterparts in English. Let’s take a look at them..

Months of the Year in French

Just like the days of the week, the months of the year are not capitalized.

If you want to ask which month it is you can use any of the below sentences..


  • En quel mois sommes-nous ? (Literally: in what month are we?)
  • Nous sommes en quel mois ? (Literally: We are in which month?)
  • On est en quel mois ?
  • En quel mois est-on ?


You respond with the following..


  • Nous sommes en janvier (Literally: We are in January)
  • On est en janvier


The Seasons of the Year in French

Let’s get right to it. Below are the four seasons of the year in French.

The Seasons of the Year in French


Knowing the days of the week, the months of the year as well as the seasons is a great way to start your French-learning journey. Hopefully this guide has helped you learn all three of these concepts. What other important beginner French vocabulary do you know? Comment below and tell us about them


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