French Weather Vocabulary

Knowing how to talk about the weather in French is essential to obtaining French fluency. After all, the weather is something that affects us day in and day out so it’s easy to see why it’s so important.


Fortunately, talking about the weather in French is very easy and is mostly just a matter of learning the correct vocabulary. In guide you’ll find all of the vocabulary that you’ll need in order to talk about the weather in French.

Let’s first go over the different ways to actually way “weather” and when they are used in conversation.

le temps – the weather (used to talk about the weather itself)

la météo – the weather forecast (used to talk about the weather report that you would typically see on TV)

Now let’s look at the different vocabulary that you can use to describe the weather. Most ways to describe the weather start with the words Il fait + the word describing the weather.

Il fait beau – It’s nice out

Il fait froid – It’s cold out

Il fait chaud – It’s hot out

Il fait frais – It’s cool out

Il fait mauvais – The weather is bad

Il fait orageux – It’s stormy

Il fait lourd – It’s muggy out

Il fait humide – It’s humid out

Il fait nuageux – It’s cloudy out

*Il fait du soleil – It’s sunny out

*Il fait du brouillard – It’s foggy out

*Il fait du vent – It’s windy out

* French textbooks often present these three as correct and although they likely are, native French speakers will often strongly disagree. In order to avoid any conflict you can use the terms below which are much more commonly used.

Il y a du soleil – It’s sunny out

Il y a du brouillard – It’s foggy out

Il y a du vent – It’s windy out

Let’s finish off this guide with a list of other weather-related terms in French.

Il pleut – It’s raining

Il pleut à torrents / Il pleut à verse – It’s pouring

Il pleut des cordes / Il tombe des cordes – It’s raining cats and dogs

Il neige – It’s snowing

Il gèle / C’est glacé / C’est gelé – It’s freezing

le tonnerre – thunder

la foudre – lightning

la grêle/grêler – hail/to hail

la pluie verglaçante – freezing rain

le givre – frost

Une tempête de neige – snowstorm

How to tell the temperature in French

Telling the temperature in French couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is say « Il fait __ degrés ».

Il fait 20 degrés – It’s 20 degrees out

Il faisait 10 degrés hier – It was 10 degrees out yesterday

What other weather-related French terms do you know? Comment below and tell us about them!