The Ultimate List of Sports Vocabulary in French

Sports Vocabulary in French

Sports are something that almost everyone can related to to in some way. Even if you yourself aren’t interesting in playing or watching sports it’s hard to deny that they play a large role in society. If you want to fit in like a local in France, or any French-speaking country for that matter, it’s probably a good idea to learn as many sports as you can. Let’s take a look at as many sports in French as we can below.

Sports in EnglishSports in French
Acrobatic gymnasticsLa gymnastique acrobatique / l'acrosport (m) / l'acrogym (f)
AerobicsL'aérobic (f)
Alpine skiingLe ski alpin, Le ski de piste
American footballLe foot américain / Le football américain
ArcheryLe tir à l'arc
Arm wrestlingLe bras de fer
AviationL'aviation (f)
BASE jumpingLe BASE jump
BadmintonLe badminton
BaseballLe baseball
BasketballLe basket / Le basketball
Baton twirlingLe twirling
BiathlonLe biathlon
BikingLe vélo / le cyclisme
Billiards (pool)Le billard
BobsleighLe bobsleigh / Le bobsled
BoulderingL'escalade de bloc (f)
BowlingLe bowling / Le jeu de quilles / Les quilles (Québec)
BoxingLa boxe
Building muscle / bodybuildingLa musculation
CanoeingLe canoë
Checkers / DraughtsLes dames (f), Le jeu de dames
ChessLes échecs (m) / Le jeu d'échecs
ClimbingL'escalade (f) / La grimpe
Combat sportsLes sports de combat (m)
CricketLe cricket
CroquetLe croquet
Cross-country skiingLe ski de randonné / Le ski de fond
CurlingLe curling
DancingLa danse
DecathlonLe décathlon
Discus throwLe lancer du disque
DivingLa plongée
Downhill skiingLe ski de descente / Le ski de piste
FencingL'escrime (f)
Field hockeyLe hockey sur gazon
Figure skatingLe patinage artistique
FishingLe pêche
FreedivingLa plongée en apnée
GolfLe golf
GymnasticsLa gymnastique
Hammer throwLe lancer du marteau
HandballLe handball
High jumpLe saut en hauteur
HikingLa randonnée
HockeyLe hockey / Le hockey sur glace
Horseback ridingL'équitation (f)
Javelin throwLe lancer du javelot
JoggingLe jogging
JudoLe judo
KarateLe karaté
KayakingLe kayak
KickboxingLe kick-boxing
Kiteboarding / KitesurfingLe kite surf / La planche aérotractée (Québec)
Kung-FuLe kung-fu
Long jumpLe saut en longueur
Martial artsLes arts martiaux (m)
MotorbikingLa moto
MountaineeringL'alpinisme (m)
PaintballLe paintball
ParaglidingLa parapente
Pole vaultLe saut à la perche
PoloLe polo
Pro wrestlingLe catch
RaftingLe rafting
Roller derbyLe roller derby
RollerskatingLe patin à roulettes
RowingL'aviron (m)
RugbyLe rugby
Rugby LeagueLe rugby à treize
Rugby UnionLe rugby à quinze
RunningLa course / La course à pied
SailingLa voile
ShootingLe tir
Shot putLe lancer du poids
SkateboardingLe skateboard / Le skate / La planche à roulettes (Québec)
(Ice) SkatingLe patinage (sur glace) / Le patin à glace
SkeletonLe skeleton
SkiingLe ski
SkydivingLe parachutisme
SnowboardingLe snowboard / Le surf des neiges / La planche à neige (Québec)
Soccer (football)Le foot / Le football
SoftballLe softball , La balle-molle (Québec)
Speed skatingLe patinage de vitesse
SquashLe squash
Sumo wrestlingLe sumo
SurfingLe surf
SwimmingLa natation
Synchronized swimmingLa natation synchronisée
Table tennis / Ping pongLe tennis de table
TennisLe tennis
Track and fieldL'athlétisme (m)
VolleyballLe volley / Le volley-ball
WakeboardingLe wakeboard
Water poloLe water-polo
Water skiingLe ski nautique
WeightliftingL'haltérophilie (f)
WindsurfingLa planche à voile
WrestlingLa lutte
YogaLe yoga